Annoying Tax Relief Radio Ad

So there’s this ad that plays on the local Memphis AM station (and probably everywhere around the country), that promotes a tax relief service for people who owe back taxes to the IRS. At one point in the ad, the spokesman says something like, “The IRS wants their money. And it’s their right to get it.”

That really pisses me off.

It isn’t their money. It’s your money. They didn’t earn it. You did. “They have the right to get it.” ¬†They have no such damn thing. Taxes are nothing but institutionalized robbery.

While all taxes are theft, we’re not going to go to a non-coercive revenue system (such as contract enforcement premiums, tolls, lotteries, fee-for-service, etc.) anytime soon. Until that time though, there’s one major presidential candidate who at least wants to take a major step in the right direction.

Here’s Rand Paul’s tax plan.

End of rant. Have a nice day.

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