BitCoin trading and a blast from the past


I’ve added a page on my Bitcoin Trading Account which includes a historical performance chart.

I started this account about 4 months ago in order to take advantage of BitCoin’s volatility and to accumulate a position in BitCoin over time.  The account uses a strategy developed by Robert Lichello in the 1970’s called Automatic Investment Management (AIM).  Lichello described this in the book with the cheesiest title EVER.

To buy and sell BitCoin, I’ve been using CoinBase, which so far has proven to be very reliable and reputable.  Kind of the anti-MTGOX, which I also looked into and (very fortunately) rejected last year.  So anyway, I have no problem plugging CoinBase here, and if you use this link to start an account there, we both eventually get $5.00 worth of free BitCoin!  (I say eventually because we only get it after you’ve done at least $100 worth of transactions with them or something.  Take a look at their site and blog for details.)

I’m sure I’ll have more to say about the subject of BitCoin and possibly about AIM as well in future posts.  Until then…keep pipping up!

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