Fog in channel, continent cut off!

Greetings all,

I’m unclear on whether the above headline ever actually appeared in a British newspaper or not, but I have to agree with the sentiment. Europe needs the UK much more than the UK needs the bloated bureaucracy in Belgium in my view.

Apparently, I’m solidly in the minority on this one. A case in point is this article from Pound Sterling Live, which states:

It would seem that there is an element of British pound buying in anticipation of a Remain victory for Thursday’s vote.


I’ve been hearing this drumbeat for a while now, as this coming Thursday’s so-called Brexit vote looms. The overwhelming sentiment seems to be that a “Leave” vote means a GBP crash, while a “Remain” vote is bullish for Cable. And I get it. Uncertainty is baaaadddd, mmmmkayyy??

But in the long run, an independent UK, free from the shackles of the socialist leaning continent, should be positive for the Pound. So if the “Leave” camp wins in Thursday’s vote, any subsequent GBP decline is a great buying opportunity in the eyes of this Capitalist.

So let’s all tune in for the results on Thursday, and in the meantime…keep pipping up!


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