Just checking in


I’m still alive.  I did some pizza delivery for a few weeks, but moved on to overnight newspaper delivery which is much less stressful.  I was actually surprised at how much income paper carriers make down here; I did it in Manchester, NH and southern RI but I’m making almost twice as much down here in Memphis.  Gas costs are the big killer, and there’s a lot of time involved on some days.

But anyway, the bills can get paid now, so I can start devoting some attention to building this site and getting my e-book written.

In other news, I finally shut down the carry trade account, partly because I had to withdraw some cash, and partly because the daily interest doesn’t make up for the continued losses on the positions.  Bleh.  Now I’ll just be swing trading with the remainder of the account, using price action near support and resistance levels.  Hopefully that way I can…keep pipping up!!

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