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I was dreading this part of the site setup, but it turned out to be easy as π (mmm…pi)!  What part was this you ask?  It was the membership subscription functionality.

I looked at a few plugins and finally went with the  WordPress Membership Plugin called wp-Member , and I’m glad I did.  The best thing about it was the $47 license fee… wait.  No, that wasn’t it.  Ah!  The best thing was the awesome easy-to-follow instructions they had for installing and configuring the plugin and integrating with PayPal.  Unlike much of the online documentation that’s out there (I’m looking at you Google App Engine…), these instructions actually reflected reality; what they said I’d see on each screen was (gasp!) what I actually saw.

So anyway, the Member’s Dashboard is set up, and right now it has just a bit more than the Free Dashboard.  In addition to the EUR/USD weekly projection, the Member’s Dashboard has the GBP/USD and USD/JPY projections as well with more to come.

A note on affiliate links here at  I will only promote stuff that I actually use and like.  So far, I’m pretty satisfied with  wp-Member, so I’m happy to put a plug in for them here.  If any fellow bloggers out there are interested in setting up a members only area for your content, I’d recommend checking them out (and yes, I get a nice big fat commission if you do!  Because I’m a capitalist!  OK, so it’s not really that much).

Right.  Well that’s today’s update on the ongoing site construction.

Bai Nao!


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