Ongoing income crisis

Greetings all!

Once again I’ve been MIA from the site for a couple of weeks, and once again it’s because I’m struggling to make ends meet in today’s minimum wage economy.

This time, the company for which I was working got bought out, they changed the payroll system, and the paychecks for many of the employees (myself included) went down a black hole, never to be seen again.  I promptly went broke, walked out of that job, and went back to my previous one. So for now, I’m scraping by and trying to recover.

Things are looking slightly rosier now though. I’ve managed to update the CapTraderPro dashboard for the first time in three weeks, and now I can continue on my quest to monetize the site, freeing myself up to continue creating great useful content for forex traders.


Until next time…keep pipping up!


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