Relative Buying Power becomes a trading tool!

EDIT: 7/20/2014: The trading tools and dashboards are no longer part of the site.


As promised at the end of my previous post on Relative Buying Power, I’m adding a new tool to the dashboards based on that research. The tool just consists of the normalized rankings of all eight currencies in terms of their changes in buying power vs. commodities. If you recall, that was shown by a chart like this:


So starting with next weekend’s dashboard update, this chart will be included along with the 52-week relative buying power historical chart.

On the Member’s Dashboard, the chart will be up to date as of the week just ended. Thus, members will know which currencies gained and lost the most in buying power and can anticipate the pressures on those currencies for the coming week (remember that currencies that gained in buying power tend to fall during the next week while currencies that lost buying power tend to rise).

The Free Dashboard will have the same normalized chart, but delayed by one week. Since this makes it outdated as a trading tool, it’s there for informational purposes only.

Hooray! Huzzah! This is the second trading tool available on the dashboards.

As always, stay tuned and…keep pipping up!

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