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A forex trader’s crystal ball…

As a member of CapTraderPro, you can now track which currency pairs have the greatest upside or downside potential. The CapTraderPro dashboard provides weekly currency rankings based on the exclusive indicators described in these research reports:

Beyond The Big Mac — a fundamentally based indicator

Weekly Price Action Statistics — a technical price action reversal indicator

Forex Tick Density — a technical momentum indicator based on price action and tick volume


…and a lot less work for you!

The indicators described in those reports can be tedious and time consuming to calculate. But now you can get these valuable trading insights without doing all that work! The CapTraderPro dashboard is an essential addition to any serious Forex trader’s toolbox. And at only $18/month, you’re getting great bang for the buck.

The dashboard is updated each weekend before the Asian open. Take a look at the sample below and Join now!

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For a more detailed explanation of how I use the information on the CapTraderPro Dashboard in my weekly trading operations, take a look at the Trading Profitably section of the site.

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