The CapTraderPro dashboard is live!


The account was up 3.35% this week to a new all time high of 151% of inception value. This was primarily due to the short NZD/CAD position I entered on Monday.

After completing the ordering page for Beyond The Big Mac last week, I decided that I was on a roll. So I went ahead and completed the sign up page for the CapTraderPro dashboard as well!  So head over there and take a look at the sample dashboard.

The CapTraderPro dashboard makes implementing the indicators that I’ve described in my three research reports easy to do, because you don’t have to do all the tedious calculations each week. I do them for you and publish the results on the dashboard each week, along with a detailed breakdown of my own trading activity.  Sound good?  Then sign up, already! Sheesh.

My next project is to build all of the educational pages for the site, after which I can get back to more substantiative posts each week. So I’ll get right on that so we can all…keep pipping up!


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