Under Construction

Hi there!

underConstructionThis is just a quick site update to let any random visitors know that I know (that you know that I know…) that the site is basically under construction. Thus, many of the pages you see will be blank or otherwise useless, although some may be sort of funny in a lame-0 sort of way.

There are, however, already some posts here that might be interesting to some.  A few days ago I added 20 posts to the Research category, each containing an old set of research notes on market behavior.  These describe research I was doing as far back as 2005.

So if you’re the sort of person that enjoys reading through a few volumes of The Congressional Record before bed each night, or becomes enthralled by the latest issue of The Fruit Fly Statistical Register, then by all means dive into that big historical research dump.

Here is what’s still pending:

  • Trading Dashboards
  • Membership subscription setup
  • Details on my Carry Trade Account
  • eBooks (months away at least)

Lots to do!!  Stay tuned…

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