Update 6/10/2017


The account was up 3.67% this week, primarily due to the drop in the British pound after the surprising election results in the UK. That brings the account up to an all time high of 146% of inception value.

I’ve made the third research report, “Beyond The Big Mac — Buying Power Reversal Potential (BPRP)” available on its order page! However, I haven’t finished working on that page yet, and had the wrong button code up there for a day or so.  That’s fixed now.  I’ll finish writing the description on the order page this weekend.

That finishes my planned set of the three reports that describe the research on the three indicators that I use in my week to week trading operation. I have a fundamental indicator (BPRP) as described in this latest report, and two technical indicators. One technical indicator, the Weekly Reversal Potential, is based solely on price action. The other, Tick Density, is based on price action combined with tick volume behavior.

Next, I’ll be building out the subscriber dashboard and the free educational sections of the site.  So stay tuned for that, and as always…keep pipping up!


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