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Is Coinbase imploding?

Greetings all! Head over to the Coinbase Community page.  When you get there, click on the “Latest” tab to see what the most recent posts are all about. Go ahead; I’ll wait. Yeah.  They’re having some problems. In my recent … Continue reading

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Trump vs. Hillary: So it begins…

Greetings! Pursuant to the “promoting reason and liberty” portion of my tag line, I occasionally post a philosophical rant in this space while trying to steer clear of day-to-day political analysis. However, I think recent developments in the current U.S. … Continue reading

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Upcoming topics

Greetings all, My situation hasn’t changed much since the last update. I’m no longer in imminent danger of living under a bridge, and in fact the new job is bringing in about 60% more income. However, I have very little … Continue reading

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