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Brexit Celebration

Hooray!  Huzzah!!   Greetings all!! Just thought I’d celebrate the Brexit vote with this: Hopefully, Scotland breaks away as well, along with Northern Ireland, which can finally unite with the rest of Ireland.  England is better off without these main … Continue reading

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Fog in channel, continent cut off!

Greetings all, I’m unclear on whether the above headline ever actually appeared in a British newspaper or not, but I have to agree with the sentiment. Europe needs the UK much more than the UK needs the bloated bureaucracy in … Continue reading

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NZD surprise? Not really…

Greetings all! Last week, on June 9, CNBC reported that, The New Zealand dollar took centre stage on Thursday, surging to a one-year high after the Reserve Bank of New Zealand kept interest rates unchanged, surprising some investors who had … Continue reading

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Trading and investing update

Greetings all! In last week’s lamentations over the technical challenges at Coinbase, I mentioned that my re-entry into BitCoin is but one of a set of investments that I’m making. So this week I thought I’d provide an overview of … Continue reading

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