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A failed coup and a lost opportunity

Greetings all!   As a former U.S. military officer, I’m generally not in favor of military coups. One of the first things that officer training emphasizes is that the military is subservient to civilian authority. The military is governed; it … Continue reading

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Taking stock…some opportunities in equities

Greetings all! Since this space is primarily focused on forex trading (when I’m not waxing philosophical), it’s not often that I discuss the more mundane world of the equities markets. But lately I’ve been adding more positions to my Fidelity … Continue reading

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Globalists for liberty

The day after the Brexit vote, I happened to see a commentator on Fox News who brought up an interesting point. She said that for many people in Britain, the vote wasn’t about immigration, nationalism, economic theory, or any other … Continue reading

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