Keep pipping up!


So why do I always end posts by saying “Keep Pipping Up!”, you ask?  Well go ahead…ask!

There are two reasons.  First, you may have noticed that the site is almost exclusively FOREX oriented.  All the dashboard tools are based on clarifying the outlook for 8 currencies over the coming week.  The reason for this is that FOREX is the most highly leveraged market and has the most profit potential. If a trader can get FOREX right, why divert valuable time to other less powerful markets?

This is not to say that there’s no value in the equity, fixed income and derivative markets. For me, the stock and bond markets are for intermediate and long term lower risk investments, just not for short term trading.

The second reason is just fun and nostalgic.  Years ago,  certain TV stations would run a late night 5-minute show starring a guy called Jack Horkheimer. When I saw it was called “Star Hustler” but I guess it went through several incarnations.

Anyway, Jack would come walking down onto the stage along the rings of Saturn or something, and would sometimes take a seat on the moon or some such celestial body.  He would then proceed to tell us all about what we could see in various parts of the sky that night.  He’d talk about where the planets could be seen, how we could find things by using various star patterns, etc. It was great!!  At the end of his spot, Jack would always say, “Keep looking up!”

Sadly, Jack Horkheimer died in 2010, and when I heard about it on the radio I remembered all those great late TV nights and how Star Hustler would come on just before midnight where I was.  I had a little blog on another site mainly concerned with my carry trade account, and so I just started ending my posts with “Keep pipping up!” as a kind of tribute to Jack.

R.I.P Jack!  We’ll keep looking up!!


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