A new plan

What’s up??

Over the past week or so I’ve been doing some research in order to improve my trade selections. After a rocky start, I finally managed to get some good results, and have updated my trading tools accordingly. The new plan is here:

Trading Plan 1221

The only substantial changes are in the New Trade Entry section.

Now I know this is all very vague, so I’ll spend the next post or two describing the research I did. Also, the trading plan probably looks a bit mysterious since it references some trading tools that I’ve set up in Excel, so I’ll explain a little of that too.

Of course, since I’m not marketing this blog yet, I doubt many are seeing this, but the info might be useful for future reference.

Anyhoooo… I’ve entered a couple of stop-entry trades for the coming week based on the new plan; Long USD/CAD and short AUD/NZD. Hopefully those will work out.

Stay tuned and…keep pipping up!!

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