“A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct.”    -Princess Irulan, Dune by Frank Herbert


  • Traders, come forth.
  • Puzzle solvers, come forth.
  • Lovers of math and science, come forth.
  • Geeks, nerds, mentats and vulcans, come forth.
  • Objectivists and Libertarians, come forth.

Come forth…you’re in the right place. Welcome.

Your host

ScottI’m Scott, a.k.a. The Capitalist Trader, and I’ll be your host as we explore markets, money and math.  What’s my background? Glance through my Mission Statement.

Like Irulan, I must take care to achieve the correct balance among my various topics.

Each week, The Capitalist Trader will cover subjects from trading and economics to mathematics and philosophy.  Let’s take a look around.


My focus will be on the Research category posts, which describe how I search for trading edges using math and science.  Posts in this category will normally include links to my full research notes.

The Markets, Money and Math categories may include posts on recent market events, economic theory, Fed policy, crypto-currencies such as BitCoin, probability and statistics, or any other market related subjects. Some of these posts will be geared towards the education of new traders, while others will concentrate on current events or more advanced topics.

Part of my mission is to promote rationality and liberty, so you’ll find this kind of commentary under the Rants category.  The Site category is for posts updating my progress in building The Capitalist Trader.  But all work and no play makes Scott a dull capitalist, so I’ll try to spice things up every so often with a post in the Fun category.

Resources for traders…

Looking for a trading strategy that works? Take a look through my selection of eBooks.  Want to know how my trading’s going? Click on the My Trading tab. Have a question or a comment? To avoid spambots, WordPress comments are disabled here, but check my Contact page for other options.

Come in…

Perhaps you’ve read this countless times before.  Perhaps you’re new.  In any case, come forth…you’re in the right place.


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