My Mission


“…to explore markets, money and math, to help traders profit, and to promote the values that make profits possible; reason and liberty.”

– Scott, The Capitalist Trader

About me


I’m Scott, a.k.a. The Capitalist Trader.  I’ve been a soldier, an engineer, a trader, a manager, a construction worker, a truck driver, a computer programmer, a tinker, a tailor and a spy.

OK, so those last three aren’t really true.  I didn’t even know what a tinker was until I looked it up.

Right.  Anyway, I’ve been trading since the 1980s, and I’ve always been fascinated by the biggest puzzle in the world; the markets.  In the tradition of Ayn Rand, I’m also an extreme laissez-faire capitalist.  Toss those things and a pinch of zaniness into a yummy stew and the result is me…The Capitalist Trader.

I started out as a civil engineer, but a real estate collapse in the early 90s cut that short.  I then entered a period of career hopping which included a five year stint as a trader and instructor at Fidelity Investments.  After some corporate reorganizations, layoffs, and even a few months of “urban camping” in my car, I decided to start building multiple independent sources of income.

Trading is a big part of that plan, but I often find myself a capitalist without much capital. Being under-capitalized is one of the most common reasons that full-time traders fail.  If you burn through money on living expenses faster than you can make it in the market, it doesn’t matter how consistent your profits are or how good your edge is.

One of the reasons I started this site is to share my ongoing research, market insights and trading tools with my fellow traders.  A second reason is to generate an additional source of income to avoid burning through my trading capital.  A third is to post an occasional rant from an objectivist slant (see what I did there?). A fourth reason is just to post about fun geeky stuff every once in a while.

About the site

So can you buy the trading holy grail here?  Send me $19.95 if you want it ($29.95 if you don’t) to the address on your screen?

Nope, sorry.  No grail here.  If you happen to find it, send me a postcard.  Moving along now…

What you’ll see here are descriptions of the market research I do, and how I use it to trade. If I stumble upon some amazing market discovery and create a 20% edge, you’ll be here to see the fun.  And the spectacular failures too…let’s not forget those. The thrill of victory!  The agony of defeat!  The Wide World of Shorts!! Ok, quite enough of that.

To paraphrase Jack Schwager, the author of the most excellent and extremely awesome Market Wizards books, there are a million ways to beat the market, but most of them are hard to find.  As an amateur math geek, my approach is to apply the rational methods of science and mathematics to the markets.

That doesn’t mean that you need to be an academic or have an advanced degree to grasp the information here.  The research I’m talking about isn’t like the papers you might see in an academic journal.  My research is very accessible to most traders, and geared toward making buy and sell decisions in real market situations.

I invite you to join me on this journey, and if you like what you see, write a comment!  Or buy an ebook!   Or bake a cake!  Hire a band!  Man, oh man!

Right.  How I do carry on sometimes…


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