FOREX Tick Density – May, 2015

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How about a real trading edge?

As a FOREX trader, you know that great money management skills don’t mean a thing unless you have a real directional edge. But what do you get from most trading courses and gurus? Either:

  • some “magical” combination of data-mined indicators that worked great in the past, or
  • Useless (even conflicting!) platitudes about your friend the trend, or buying at support and selling at resistance.

“There are a million ways to make money in the markets. The irony is that they are all very difficult to find.”    – Jack D. Schwager

Mr. Schwager should know. He’s interviewed dozens of top traders for his excellent “Market Wizards” book series. Every trader should understand two things about getting a real trading edge:

  • It takes both inspiration and perspiration; first, a logical underlying reason for the edge, and second, painstakingly detailed research to confirm its validity.
  • It’s not a holy grail. You don’t have to be right all the time, or even most of the time. The key is simply to make more when you’re right than you lose when you’re wrong.

Get a real edge, backed by documented research

“FOREX Tick Density” is the first in a planned series of research reports on price behavior in the foreign exchange markets. Inside this 24-page report, you’ll find:

  • The conceptual model behind tick density and why it can signal major market moves
  • A new understanding of what’s happening behind the scenes when a price bar is formed on a chart
  • An inside peek at how to conduct statistical research on price behavior, along with full details of the research and data behind this trading edge
  • Details of how I trade this edge, and my early live results

What are the results?

I developed this edge at the end of 2014, and started trading it in early 2015. In the first seven weeks, my account was up 60% as described in this post.

As of the publication of the report, the method’s expectancy stood at about 33%, meaning that statistically I earn back $1.33 on every dollar that I risk. I fully expect that value to fluctuate over time, of course.

Oh, sorry. Were you looking for claims of eight-zillion percent each WEEK? And 99.9999% win rates? Wrong place. Reality rules here, not fantasy and hype.

Anyway, I’ll continue to update my live trading results here on The Capitalist Trader.

“Give someone a fish and they eat for a day, but teach someone to fish and they eat for a lifetime…”

The edge described in “FOREX Tick Density” is based on weekly price bars, and is more suited to swing traders. However, even if you’re a day-trader or scalper, the report still has something for you!

“FOREX Tick Density” shows you a new way to think about market dynamics, and how to actually conduct research on price behavior. That knowledge will stay with you throughout your trading career, and can be applied to any trading style or time frame. Isn’t that alone worth the low price?

And did I mention that there’s a full, no questions asked, money back guarantee? No? Well there is. When you buy the report, just copy and save your PayPal receipt. For a refund, just contact me at and include the receipt. I’ll send your $8 right back via PayPal. The report and the free gift (see below) are yours to keep.

Who am I?

I’m Scott Percival, otherwise know as The Capitalist Trader. I have been:

  • a civil engineer,
  • a software developer
  • a trader and instructor at Fidelity Investments
  • a self-employed trader
  • A freelance writer on the energy industry for The Motley Fool
  • a soldier
  • and a few other things, even a truck driver!

As you can probably tell from my background, I’m very math/logic oriented, so I started this blog to discuss three of the most fun things in the world; markets, money, and math!

Why sell the edge? Why not just trade it?

That’s a perfectly legitimate question, and I’ve asked it of others myself. Whenever I saw anyone selling trading lessons or whatever, I would wonder, “Well, if this method makes you money, why do you need my money?”

Then I found out that it’s useless to be profitable when you’re greatly under-capitalized.

In 2003, after a big layoff at Fidelity Investments, I spent several months trading bulletin board stocks. Each month, my account was earning a little under 10%, but I was withdrawing over 20% for living expenses. Obviously, that’s not sustainable.

More than a decade later, I find myself in a similar boat, as I mentioned in this post. My account is currently profitable, but I’m withdrawing more than the account earns in order to supplement my income.  So I decided to generate extra income from all the research I do. After all, the best way to earn money is doing something for which you have a passion, right?

OK, makes sense. So what now?

Get the report and read it, of course! Click on one of these boring blue “Purchase” buttons, and buy with the ease and security of PayPal.


Then, judge for yourself. If you think the report is bunk, send me your PayPal receipt and I’ll send your $8.00 right back. Keep the report and the free gift.

Wait, what’s this free gift!?

Oh, right! The gift.

The “FOREX Tick Density,” method requires several calculations to determine if a currency pair is exhibiting a buy or sell signal. While it’s possible to do these calculations manually (the report includes a full example), they’re a bit tedious, especially if you’re doing them for 30 pairs each week like I am.

So I built an Excel worksheet that does most of the work for me. When you download “FOREX Tick Density,” you’ll get the worksheet as a free gift. It’s complete with sample data and full instructions for getting started. It’s just a “thank you” from me for checking out my research.

So what are you waiting for? Look, I’ll even add another boring blue button below. Have fun, happy reading, happy trading, and as I always say…keep pipping up!


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