Goodbye to the Fool…


So for about a week, I kept seeing a notice on the Motley Fool’s blogger interface that they were on a “publishing hiatus” and that their bloggers had to stop submitting articles. Eventually, an email showed up saying that they had to dial back the program, no fault of your own, nice knowing ya, good luck, here’s a free subscription to our newsletter, etc.


Apparently they kept a few long-time writers, but others (like me) saw their last articles published at the end of July, and that was it. Out on the street.

Kind of a relief in a way, since I was struggling to come up with new topics each day, researching, and getting the articles out fast enough to make enough to live. On the downside of course, now I have to go job hunting.

On the FOREX front, I’ve done more research over the past week or so, and had kind of a breakthrough in a subject I refer to as “market mechanics.” This is something I’ve studied and thought about for years, and basically involves how to use price movement and volume data to discern how liquidity structure and order flow are changing.

I won’t be able to devote much time to working on this or writing about it here until I get my income situation sorted though. Bleh.

So that’s this week’s update. As always, keep pipping up!

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