Happy cable flash crash!

Greetings all!

Hmmm, the trading gods must be having a bit of a laugh this week. In last week’s post, I gave an example of how I calculate my equity curve; an example which began with a 1% loss during the first week. So I guess the trading gods thought it would be funny to duplicate that example in real life. Very funny.

So anyway, yes, the account’s nominal equity value (NEV) is down to 99% at the end of the first live week of the new consolidated account. Most of this was due to a long position in a GBP pair being stopped out during the bizarre flash crash of the British Pound.

Happily though, I’ve taken the annoying “under construction” graphic down from the My Trading tab, and the actual equity curve chart is up there now. So go check it out!

Until next time…keep pipping up!

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