Not in a Turkish prison


No, I’m not in a Turkish prison as a result of my last post…whew! However, I can understand why some may have thought so; I’ve been away from the blog for a while. So here’s an update on what’s been going on for the past several weeks along with my plans for the site.

The pervasive issue is that I never seem to have enough time or money. My two current jobs, while lucrative, take up well over 60 hours/week. Also, about a month ago, I began having severe car problems, so I had to deal with getting rid of my old car and buying a brand new one, incurring a nice new fat monthly car payment. In order to put enough money down, I dumped all of my positions in equities and crypto-currencies. To add insult to injury, even though I’ve barely used my RuneScape account for months (again, due to lack of time), I was suddenly banned for using bots. Huh??

All of this was very annoying and disconcerting, and had two ill effects. First, writing took a back seat. There’s no way for me to come up with a well-researched post each week, much less work on my ebook about fundamental analysis. Secondly, my trading suffered as well. Although my positions were making money, I had to dump them to come up with cash. This sort of thing happens every few years it seems, so I continue to be a very under-capitalized capitalist.

So…what to do?

In an odd coincidence during all this, I happened to be listening to an NPR station in my car one day, and the host had a blogger on as a guest. I don’t remember the show or who the guest was, but the gist was that this blogger had achieved success despite ignoring the common wisdom about posting often and consistently. This person tended to post infrequent yet very content-rich posts. Since that model fits my current circumstances, this was encouraging.

So my first step will be to adopt that approach as well. However, I’ll continue to provide brief weekly updates about my trading results and my progress toward the next major high-content post.

Secondly, I’m putting the ebook on hold for now. Instead, I’ll be adding an “Education” tab to the site where I can publish the information a small piece at a time.

Those two steps address the time problem, but that still leaves money. So I’ll continue my plans to monetize the site via ads and a pay-wall section. Once I get enough subscribers for that content, I’ll be able to cut back on one of my other jobs, leaving more time to provide better content, thus creating a virtuous cycle. At least that’s the theory! We’ll see how it goes.

So until next week…keep pipping up!

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