This I believe…


My trading account performance was pretty flat this week, with a loss of 0.17%.  So it looks like I’ve stemmed the tide of red caused by my research interpretation error. Zippy!

In site news, I’m working on two projects. The first is an $8 Research Report on the statistical research I did on weekly bar patterns, and which price action signals are the most effective from week to week. Secondly, I’ve completed an outline for one of the pages in the new Education tab, in which I’ll lay out my overall approach to trading the Forex markets.

Not to keep everyone in suspense, the argument basically goes like this:

Fundamental analysis works…

…but not right away…

…so price is not value…

…therefore timing is critical.

On the actual page, of course, I’ll flesh out these ideas and include a description of the optimal trade setup. I’ll also show how the trading tools I’ve developed (the Fundamental Potential Index, Tick Density, and the new Price Action Strength Indicator) all fit into the approach.

So I’ll get back to that, and you can…keep pipping up!

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