Trump vs. Hillary: So it begins…


Pursuant to the “promoting reason and liberty” portion of my tag line, I occasionally post a philosophical rant in this space while trying to steer clear of day-to-day political analysis. However, I think recent developments in the current U.S. political landscape merit some attention, albeit briefly.

With the exit of Cruz and Kasich from the Republican primary process earlier this month, we may be on the brink of something historic here. But whether that’s going to be a great opportunity or an epic disaster remains to be seen.

The potential opportunity comes from the extremely high negatives of the presumptive nominees of each major party. If there was ever a time for a third party to make a decent showing in a presidential election and thus to propel itself into the mainstream consciousness of the nation, this is it. But what kind of third party?

Since the 1970’s, the Libertarian Party has been the third alternative for many who make a principled argument for freedom, but their performance in the polls has always languished in the low single digits. More recently, the Tea Party and constitutional movements in the GOP have gained traction, but that momentum has been sapped by the arrival of the populist Trump Train this year.

So what if these various factions, the Tea Party, the constitutionalists, and the LP were to reach out to each other and form a new coalition? In this environment of “never Trump” and “never Hillary,” where many in the electorate are finding themselves in the position of having to hold their noses to enter the voting booth, this third alternative could really be a contender.

While such a third party may not win this year’s election, its creation and strong showing could cause a seismic shift in the future political conversation; a shift very favorable to those of us in favor of reason and liberty.

On the downside, I look at the possible split of the Republican Party and remember a bit of 19th century history. In the 1850’s, it was a split in the Democratic Party that started the country down the path from a political conflict to a military one; a conflict which we now remember as the Civil War.

So next time it’s back to the regular topics of this blog, markets, money, and math. Until then…keep pipping up!




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