Two new forex trading experiments


Thought I’d announce a couple of new little forex research projects that I’ve recently started. Both of them involve opening a new sub-account at Oanda in addition to the main account, a step which I took today.

The first sub-account is for trading based purely on the Buying Power Reversal (BPR) indicator. Every week when I update the CapTraderPro dashboard, I notice that the “Pure Fundamental Pick” chart always looks just awesome. The extreme peaks and valleys of the BPR indicator often line up precisely with the lows and highs of the pair price. So in this account, I’ll be taking positions based exclusively on the fundamental BPR rankings.

The other sub-account will be for intra-day trading, probably just during Monday’s London session opening hours at first. I’ve been doing a research project involving the correlation between the behavior of a pair during one hour and the next. The idea is to create a sort of “profile” of the pair’s behavior throughout a typical day or week, identifying the most common reversal times and trending periods. I’ll be publishing those research notes here, just as I did with much of my earlier work from years ago.

After both accounts have been active for a while, and if the results look promising, I’ll add the equity curve charts to the My Trading page.

So stay tuned for that, and…keep pipping up!


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