Weekly Update – 7/8/2017


The account was up a whopping 15.06% this week, bringing the equity to another all-time high of 156% of inception value.  I’m a bit concerned about the volatility in the account over the past couple of weeks however; you may recall that I had a single week loss of 15% two weeks ago.  This has to do with my money management and risk management rules, a topic that I’ll be writing about in the near future as I build out the educational section of the site.

Speaking of that, I’ve finished the draft and editing of the “Getting started in Forex” guide, but I won’t be publishing it until the other guide, “Trading Profitably” is ready to go as well.  The two guides link to each other, so I want to avoid publishing one without the other.  My goal was to get both up this weekend, but I’m running a bit behind, so we’ll see.

At any rate (fast or slow, like me)…keep pipping up!


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